Boston Strong


Boston Strong

Rondo scored 11pts with 16asts and 11rebs in Philadelphia 76ers at Boston Celtics Apr. 2014

I definitely hate coming out. If I could play every minute of every game, I would.”
- Rajon Rondo
by Rajon Rondo, on what he learned from Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. (via bosstownsports)
Can’t pick and choose when you’re gonna be a leader. If you’re gonna be it, gotta do it every day.


#Celtics lead the @ChicagoBulls at halftime 50-48. @RajonRondo has the night off but is still working hard, making his broadcasting debut alongside the legendary Mike Gorman on @CSNNE. ::

by Mike Gorman on Rajon Rondo’s appearance as a guest commentator on CSNNE (via iamcausewaystreet)

He had done all his homework. He was excited about wearing the headset. There’s part of him that’s like a little kid about this — he was genuinely excited.

I thought he was very good. He knows the team. Obviously he knows the game very well. He’s a lot more technical than people would think. He talked about some of the X’s and O’s. He talked about some of the things being captain, some of the other stuff.

For this to be a success tonight, for me, would be if people that are watching us walk away saying, ‘Wow, he’s a better kid than I thought.’

I think Boston has really missed the boat with this kid. I’m a Dorchester guy, I grew up in the city, and I just think the city has missed the boat in the sense that this is a good kid. He does a lot of good charity stuff outside of the Celtics that he’s never talked about. If BirthdayGate is the biggest offense that he has in his professional career, well, I don’t know what to say about that. That was just much ado about nothing.

Rajon Rondo off Noah’s back and then alley-oop to Brandon Bass.

by Mike Gorman on Rajon Rondo (via iamcausewaystreet)
I’ve said before, I think he’s shy more than anything else. I think sometimes that is misinterpreted as arrogance by the media. If he can answer something in one word, he’ll answer something in one word. It’s not because he’s trying to tick you off. That’s how he is.